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HCXP Competition: Winners!

We know that you’ve been waiting for it! The results of the contest organized jointly by HCX Pay and Exrates are already revealed!

At the end of last week the following users took the lead with the highest HCXP trading volume (Buy+Sell) :

1st place:  [email protected] - 1 000 000 HCXP

2nd place: [email protected]  - 750 000 HCXP

3rd place: [email protected]  - 250 000 HCXP

4th place:  [email protected] - 150 000 HCXP

5th place: [email protected]  - 100 000 HCXP

6th place: [email protected]  - 75 000 HCXP

7th place: [email protected]  - 50 000 HCXP

8th place: [email protected] - 25 000 HCXP

9th place: [email protected] - 25 000 HCXP

10th place: [email protected] - 25 000 HCXP

Congratulations to the winners! Check your Exrates accounts.

And good luck in the HCXP HODL competition!

*wash trades were excluded from the contest.

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HCXP Competition: Winners!
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